Amy Robbins-Wilson: Angelsongs Meditations

4:00 & 7:00 at Ananda Yoga & Wellness Studio

Angelsong is a unique form of healing meditative music created and performed by Reiki Master, Awakener, Sound Healer and Musician Amy Robbins-Wilson; whose voice has been described as “angelic,” “crystalline” and “a whisper to the soul.” She uses her unique and extraordinary voice and the power of intention to open transformational space within which listeners experience healing and a renewed sense of well-being.


Belfast Bay Fiddlers: Contra Dance Tradition

5:00 & 6:00 at Baptist Church

The Belfast Bay Fiddlers play fiddle tunes from the New England contra dance tradition, the traditional music of French and Atlantic Canada, English country dance, Irish jigs and reels, old-timey music and the occasional song.


Cafe Daze: Willy Kelly, Joe Allard, Jeff Densmore…

9:00 & 10:00 at “The Bazz”



Candlelit Labyrinth at the Belfast Common…

4:00-Midnite at Labyrinth in Belfast Common




Captain Obvious: Rock & Blues…

6:00 & 7:15 at “The Bazz”



Caricatures by PJ: Fun Drawings of You

5:30 at Baptist Church Vestry

PJ says: “Every child draws, as you know. I just never stopped. As soon as my hand was able to hold a pen, I drew several hours each day. My family was supportive, each of them posing for me many times. I drew in stores, on the bus, and to my teacher’s mortification, in math class, my model being of course, my poor teacher! I began drawing caricatures professionally in 1985. It is still delightful to me that I succeed at my career by doing art which I enjoy and work hard at. What keeps me drawing caricatures are two things: my art and my customers. I love to keep on trying new things in art. And my customers keep on amazing me with their warmth, laughter and appreciation.”


Castlebay: Celtic Music

8:00 & 10:00 at Baptist Church


Curling Club: Observe & learn the sport of Curling on ice

3:00 at 2.5 miles from Post Office Square on Rt.3


Hawk Henries: Native American, Spiritual Flute Musician & Storyteller

5:00 & 7:00 at First Church (Sanctuary)

A member of the Nipmuc Nation, he is a self taught flute maker of a variety of flutes. He is also a musician and storyteller. His music creates a peaceful, spiritual experience that reminds us of the gifts life and nature have to offer.

He has been composing original flute music and making flutes using only hand tools and fire for over twenty 25 years.

Hawk is committed to music as a traditional art form and as a vehicle for building bridges of communication and mutual respect.

Hawk Henries at New Years by the Bay 2019 from Belfast Community Media on Vimeo.


Jennifer Armstrong: Folk Tales, Fiddle, Banjo & Sing-along

3:00 & 8:00 at Belfast Free Library

Jennifer Armstrong writes songs about farming, life’s mysteries, love and gratitude. She hosts a Pie and Story Festival annually at the Belfast Boathouse, gives music lessons on a variety of instruments and performs in all manner of venues around the state and the country.  Jennifer shares songs, stories and music with bagpipe, fiddle, banjo, guitar, frame drum, bowed psaltry and dancing puppet.


John Nowak & Lincoln Blake: Easy Listening Jazz

5:00 & 6:00 at First Church (2nd floor)


Jonesville: Musical Journey Adele to Zeppelin

9:00 & 11:00 at Belfast Free Library

With a huge selection of intimate to rocking acoustic performances of all your favorite songs, Jonesville is an acoustic duo with exceptional vocals and harmonies who takes you on a musical journey that twists and turns from Adele to Zeppelin and wanders everywhere in between. Never the same, their set list can be as unpredictable as it is surprising, songs you loved and haven’t heard for years to the songs you heard on the radio today.  They effortlessly shift gears from laid back music, perfect for chilling out or having dinner, to rocking the late night crowd at the bar. They have been entertaining audiences large and small for many years.  They can handle venues from outdoor events with two large Bose PA’s and full stage lights to small, stripped down, intimate settings.


Julia Plumb & Lauren McDonald: Traditional Fiddling…

4:00 & 5:00 at Belfast Co-op Cafe


Juliane Gardner & Chris Poulin: Jazz & Blues

6:00 & 7:00 at Belfast Co-op Cafe


Katahdin Valley Boys: Traditional Bluegrass Band…

7:00, 9:00 & 11:00 at Baptist Church

One of Maine’s most popular and respected Bluegrass bands, The Katahdin Valley Boys have been thrilling audiences around Maine and northern New England since their blending of talents in 1998. The Maine Academy of Country Music recognized The Katahdin Valley Boys as “Bluegrass Band” of the year in 2008, 2009, and 2011. Each member brings many years of experience and professional showmanship to the band’s hard driving, traditional Bluegrass sound. Their repertoire features tight harmonies and smooth solos.


Mes Amis: Gypsy Jazz

6:00 & 9:00 at UU Church



Mid Coast Ukes: Community Ukulele Group, Fun & Interactive

6:00 at Belfast Free Library

The Mid Coast Ukuleles is a local group from Belfast and surrounding area. It was
formed several years ago to provide a venue for folks who just love to play the
ukulele and sing. The ukulele is a fun instrument that you just can’t help but smile when you hear it played. We play a variety of your favorite old and new songs and encourage audience participation in a good old fashioned sing-along.


MoJO Jazz Orchestra: Special Senior Event…

3:00 at Boathouse



New Shades of Blue: Fusion of Jazz, Blues & Originals…

8:00 & 10:00 at UU Church

New Shades of Blue has enjoyed an extensive playing schedule up and down the coast of Maine and New England. They please audiences with an eclectic mix, from old time jazz favorites to blues, originals and sometimes even reggae…The core of the band is Juliane Gardner – lead vocalist & keyboards & Christopher Poulin – lead vocals, Guitar, & Flute.


Pinwheel Brothers: Acoustic Folk, Rock, Bluegrass…

7:00 & 8:00 at First Church (2nd floor)


Poet Laureate: Inauguration Ceremony…

6:00 at The Playhouse

“The Ceremony of the Yellow Cape” will take place at 6:00 New Year’s Eve at the Playhouse next to Left Bank Books. Tom Moore, the current poet laureate, will make some remarks about his laureateship. Then former laureates—Elizabeth Garber, Karin Spitfire, Linda Buckmaster, Jacob Fricke, and Ellen Sander—will read poems. Tom will introduce the new poet laureate, bedeck her with the Yellow Cape, and she will speak and read a poem or two.

Arielle Greenberg, a full time resident of Belfast, an internationally renowned poet, mentor and educator was elected, from a roster of very strong applications, as the 10th Poet Laureate of Belfast, Maine.

Her appointment was ratified by the Belfast City Council (the Poet Laureate is a City position) on December 18, at the regular meeting, and her term will be for two years, 2019 and 2020.

She is a professional educator, a college professor who has taught in undergraduate and graduate creative writing programs for almost 20 years, and holds an MFA in poetry. She has taught in local schools, including writing workshops at Cornerspring Montessori and Troy Howard Middle School. She also teaches at College of the Atlantic and one-on-one, and has many students in the Belfast area.


Steelin’ Thunder: Steel Drum Community Band…

6:00 at Boathouse



The Gawler Family: Lively Acoustic Music-Folk Traditions…

8:00 & 10:00 at First Church (Sanctuary)



The Gawler Family Band from Belfast Community Media on Vimeo.



The Lowdown: Fun, Original, Unusual Songs

6:00 & 9:00 at First Church (Sanctuary)

The Lowdown Band from Belfast Community Media on Vimeo.


The Right Track: Soul Sound, Funky Horn Section & Rhythms…

8:30 at Boathouse

The Right Track is an eleven-piece R&B, Soul and Funk band from up and down the Midcoast. They are all about playing amazing tunes that gets crowds moving. Their signatures are a smooth soul sound, funky rhythm action, tight harmonies and the funkiest horn section north of Boston.  With a wide variety of styles and a song list that spans four decades, everyone will hear something they love!

The Right Track is: Alan Boyer (keys), Jen Feldman (vocals), John Gass (trombone), Tom Gray (vocals), Kristi Kalajian (vocals), Scott Kessel (sax), Tyler Lee (drums/percussion), Justin Milliken (guitar), Tom Rodman (drums/percussion), Chris Sewall (bass), Peter Stuart (trumpet) and Drew Weber (drums/percussion).


The Sauternes: Revived Retro Tunes 20’s-40’s…

5:00 & 7:00 at UU Church

Jazzy world music, reggae eclectic funky fusion with soulful vocals, electric base & pedal steel.


Will Brown: Maine Folk Tradition  Original arrangements

7:00 & 10:00 at Belfast Free Library

Will played around campfires in the 60’s, in classrooms in the 70’s, and with some of Maine’s best folk and traditional musicians since the early 80’s. He’s played and recorded over the years with Gordon Bok, Cindy Kallet and Grey Larsen, Anne and David Dodson, the trio Meteora, and the infamous Belfast Bay Fiddlers.
“I’m not a songwriter but I do enjoy working up original arrangements of other folk’s songs and tunes and have always enjoyed playing the finger style guitar. I thank folks like Doc Watson, Chet Atkins and Pierre Bensusan for leaving their fingerprints to follow.”


Worksong Community Chorus: Interactive Sing-along…

6:00 at “The Bazz”