New Year’s By The Bay takes place in venues all over Belfast, set almost entirely in our historic downtown.

1. The Boathouse, 34 Commercial Street     2. The Belfast Common – Labrynth     3. Ananda Wellness & Yoga Studio, 9B Beaver Street     4. “The Bazz” Basil Burwell Community Theatre, 17 Court Street     5. First Church UCC – Hall, 2nd Floor, 8 Court Street     6. First Church UCC – Sanctuary, 8 Court Street     7. UU Church, 37 Miller Street     8. Abbott Room – Belfast Free Library, 106 High Street     9. First Baptist Church, 95 High Street     10. The Belfast Co-op, 123 High Street     11. The Traffic Light (Drum and Rabble Procession Starts Here)     12. Waterfront Pier – Midnight Bonfire     13. The Playhouse, 107 Church Street

Download and print this year’s map and schedule here.

Explore this year’s venues using this interactive map courtesy of SMARTDATAMAPScom: